Lavish Shadow’s hair stroke technique adds volume and texture to your eyebrows. We give the impression of ultra fine hair strokes that may make you wonder why you didn’t come to us sooner!


Ombre is a technique used to create a natural soft powder look to your brows using a PMU machine to mimic the natural color of your brows by gradually going from dark to light.


With this technique, we combine Microblading with Ombre giving you the realistic hairstrokes of Microblading  and the natural shading of Ombre to get very realistic, natural looking brows with a 3D effect.



What if you could rock lavishing red lips every day of the week, or if you wanted permanent, deep vibrancy to complement your character? Lavish Shadow is equipped with the experience and tools to give you everything you’ve ever wanted out of your lips. 


At Lavish Shadow, we tailor our semi permanent eyeliner procedure to every single client’s needs and requests. Your friends are going to be calling you gorgeous all day long, and it won’t get old.


Our goal at Lavish Shadow has always been to add and restore beauty. That’s why our areola repigmentation and nipple restoration service is so important to us.