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"Lavish Shadow is a family driven business, fueled by years of dedication and devotion to our customers. In a highly competitive field, we strive to put our clients first."

                                                                                                                                                          Ladan M, founder and PMU Master

Ladan 01.jpg

Meet LADAN,  leading trainer of PMU (Permanent Makeup), owner and founder of Lavish Shadow founded in 1999. With her expertise in the art, her goal has always been making a meaningful difference in the permanent cosmetics industry, and now she’s expanding this dream by teaching ambitious students how to become a professional permanent makeup artist and to run a permanent makeup studio!


in Beverly Hills, California, USA

Shadi 01.jpg

Meet SHADI, PMU (Permanent Makeup) artist and owner of Lavish Shadow Vancouver. She has been active in the Permanent Cosmetics industry since 2014 and has brought her techniques to perfection with her patience, precision and expertise.


in Vancouver, BC, CANADA

What is Lavish Shadow?

Well, it’s Definitely Not Your Average Permanent Makeup Studio – That’s For Sure. 

 It’s A Total Package.

We offer quality permanent makeup procedures at great prices, along with professional advise and consultation, all in a beautifully crafted, hygienic and relaxing studio.

Every one of our permanent makeup procedures is completely unique to you. Consultation is absolutely free so don’t worry, We’ll walk you through the step by step process so you can decide which of our many services is right for you, no matter your skin type!

We LOVE Our Clients! That’s YOU by the way. 

Gain Access to Exclusive Deals, Save Money on Touch Ups, and Stay Informed On The Hottest Permanent Makeup Trends.

You’ll also have a chance to join the Lavish Shadow Academy and discover Lavish Shadow products. Are you ready to learn how to succeed in a highly competitive market? 

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